Focus group with women in Wote, Makueni

About us

Africa Data and Information Network was established in 2009 as an independent research. We are currently registered to operate in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Its formation motivated by increased demand for data and information services, the mandate of the Africa Data and Information Network is to facilitate efficient, cost-effective and top-quality research, data and information solutions. We provide knowledge and skills to help other organizations make a difference by using our capacity to connect and convene to help create partnerships so that organizations together can tackle problems that alone they could not. 

Encouraging a new type of research

Making research relevant has been Africa Data and Information Network’s principal focus since it was established in 2009. By linking disciplines, knowledge systems and societal partners across the public, private, academic and voluntary sectors, the vision of Africa Data and Information Network sets the framework for co-production and development of the knowledge needed to support societal change and decision-making at all scales, in order to close the gap between research and policies and practices. We believe that this kind of collaboration will catalyse the creation of solutions-oriented research that delivers the knowledge that society needs to transform towards sustainability.

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Enable and mobilise capacities to co-produce knowledge

Capacity mobilisation is embedded across all activities and projects of Africa Data and Information Network to build the strong international network required to carry forward the agency’s vision and mission, and to generated and co-produce knowledge across cultural and social differences, and geographies and generations.

Contributing to the region

We are committed to making a positive difference to the region. We address the regional issues because it’s our responsibility, and because it improves the condition of the local societies. We build cross-sector partnerships by connecting and convening with other organizations to develop and implement scalable solutions for the regional issues.